Social/Political Collections

Women's Strike for Equality. 1970
Women’s Strike For Equality. New York City. August 26, 1970.
Moratorium Day, 1969.
Pittsburgh Pirates, Willie Stargell
Willie Stargell, 1973.-from the book “out of Left Field” by Bob Adelman and Susan Hall.
Martin Luther King led anti-Vietnam war protest. NYC, 1967. photo:Bob Adelman©Bob Adelman Estate.
Gay Pride March. New York City, 1994
Senator Bobby Kennedy
Senator Bobby Kennedy. St. Pactricks Day parade. 1966.
Democratic Convention 1976
Democratic Convention. New York City, 1976.
Democratic Convention 1964
1964 Democratic National Convention
New York City Housing
New York City Housing
Pentagon Protests, anti-war, 1968
Protest against the war in vietnam. Washington DC, 1968
HOUSING: Harlem, Lower East Side, NYC. 1970’s
Bedford Stutvesant Ghetto 1963

Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York City. 1963.

Vietnam War Demonstrations. New York City
Coney Island, 1976.