Bob Adelman Archive

-The Arts-
Collections of Bob Adelman’s photographs of artists, authors, actors, musicians.

-Civil Rights Collections-
Thousands of photographs from Bob Adelman’s documenting of the major events of the 1960’s civil rights movement.

An unfinished edit of social and political subjects assembled and sequenced by Bob Adelman in 2015/16.

Photographs from some of the many books produced by Bob Adelman

Recent Additions to the Online Collections

Jeff Koons “Made in Heaven”, Sonnabend Gallery, New York City, 1991.
Roy Lichtenstein. Tel Aviv Mural, 1989.
Pittsburgh Pirates, 1973
Gay Pride March. New York City, 1994
Robert F. Kennedy
Roy Lichtenstein: Nudes – 1994-97
Show at the Apollo Theater

Nicholson Baker – VOX – 1992

Roy Lichtenstein – Later Works – 1996/97

   Roy Lichtenstein, Collage for Times Square Mural, 1990

Ned O’Gorman – The Children’s Storefront, 1978

Women’s Strike For Equality, August, 1970.

1964 Democratic Convention

1976 Democratic Convention

Anti-War Demonstrations- New York City, 1967

Dionne Warwick – 1966